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Mar 6, 2011 11:00am EST
continuing budget has caused us to have to cancel some maintenance availabilities because i cannot spend more money than i'm going to to be given. i have that obligation to do that. and rather than simply say, well, i'll spend all the maintenance money that i have as soon as i get it on the availabilities that are closest to the sled, our objective, as you know, we have a couple of mid-life upgrade programs that are in play for ddgs and particularly for lsds, and i need to get those done. if i forego those, i don't know when the next time i can get that ship in and all the planning that has been done is pretty well finished. so what i'm doing now because of the fiscal limit that i have, the budgetary limit that i have because of the cr, i'm canceling some of what i would consider lesser availabilities. >> we have to make sure we make payroll, that's the given. we've cranked down, for example, on travel throughout the navy. we have delayed, for example, doesn't sound like a big deal, but it does cost money for security clearances, so we've throttled back a little bit on that, you know, to
Mar 27, 2011 11:00am EDT
game. joining us is a man who commanded the coalition no-fly zone over northern iraq, dave datula, a retired air force general who is the services chief of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. sir, welcome back to the show. >> hey, vago, great to be here. >> the operation came together very quickly and you've been involved, obviously, in coalition no-fly operations both at the planning and operational level. what are the elements that go into and how do they work together to create a no-fly zone? >> vago, it all depends, quite frankly, on what the established and desired mission outcomes are. in this particular case, we have u.n. security council resolution 1973 that states that all means will be used to include a no- fly zone to cause gadhafi to cease and assist his attacks on his own people. so a coalition was brought to bear, the kinds of aircraft that one needs to establish a no-fly zone operation depends upon the capabilities that are res nant in those aircrafts, using legacy aircraft as were brought together in this coalition. the analogy is like the piece of an -- pi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2